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With Mother’s Day around the corner and most of our mums who love cooking but are always running short of time due to the myriad of responsibilities they have, we believe that a home appliance such as RECKE will make an apt present for all of them. RECKE reduces cooking time drastically as well as is considered to retain more nutritional value of the food as compared to alternate methods of cooking. RECKE declutters your kitchen and can be a go to appliance for all your cooking experiments. With the easy-to-use RECKE Multicooker which comes with a range of handy accessories such as a ladle for scrumptious soups, a spatula for easy mixing, a steamer and a frying basket, making delicious meals has never been simpler.  A RECKE fits right into any size kitchen, and prices range from Dhs299 to Dhs649.

Apart from Recke Multicooker, we have a couple of other brands that would make a great fit in a story around the same. Please find below, more information on RECKE Multicookers for your perusal. Attached are product shots of the same.

 About RECKE:

RECKE Multicookers are available across selected stores and e-commerce entities in the UAE, with price range extending from AED 299 to AED 649.

RECKE Multicooker is an ‘All-in-One’ appliance designed to substitute the kitchen stove, oven, steamer, fryer, pan, microwave oven. RECKE’s new ranges of multicookers are revolutionising UAE homes, by significantly reducing cooking time. These cookers also come with a detailed step-by-step recipe book for up to 250 recipes, which instantly turns everyone into a master chef.

RECKE is launching four new models of multicookers in the UAE – the MC-110, MC-150, MC-150 Limited Edition and the high-end MC-X170, which come equipped with 69 cooking programs, 20 of those are fully automated.

Hong Kong-based Recke Industries limited is a home appliance company renowned for quality, improved energy efficiency and high levels of freshness. Convenience features coupled with a space saving design, the multicooker offers ultimate ease for the modern family.

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